Saturday, April 12, 2014

Borough Vaporized, Problematic Urban Drivers, and More from Garwood

Garwood is known for producing many 'firsts' during its rise as an Industrial powerhouse in Union County, chalk one more 'first' up, the first ever Vape-It! Festival.

The e-cig event took place on April 6th at the Crossroads on North Avenue, according to an extensive write-up in the Star Ledger.

City dwellers from Rahway, Newark and Elizabeth are all in hot water after cruising through the borough.

A resident of Spruce Avenue is looking for his minivan. Know where it is? Call Garwood PD at 908-789-1500. Other Spruce Avenue residents report rummaging. Know who did it? Call Garwood PD...

Also, Sewage dominates Council meeting. Garwood Library turns 81.

And did you know Garwood's In and Out Dog Wash has its own Youtube Channel?

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