Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Garwood's Auto- Pay Raises Still Being Debated 

Garwood's Council has again voted to eliminate longevity pay for non-union municipal employees who have worked for the borough for at least five years. The ordinance was originally adopted back in December, but vetoed by Mayor Quattrocchi. The issue has made for some odd bed-fellows in the governmental body pitting Republican vs. Republican and Democrat vs. Democrat. At times the debate has become quite heated.

Four police dispatchers and four borough office employees will take the financial hit if it ultimately passes, according to a published report.

That brings us to the results on our poll question: Should non-union borough employees be entitled to automatic raises? Garwood 365 readers seem to disagree with the Mayor. 61% of voters said that non-union employees should not be entitled to auto bumps in pay. 38% said the bumps should occur. 78 people voted in the unscientific poll. 


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