Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Oh the Irony: Its Linken, Not Linkin.

In what can only be described as ironic-- the day 365 posted a poll on whether the Cranford Chronicle covers the borough of Garwood sufficiently, the newspaper based-in-the-east spelt the name of Democratic Councilman Jonathan Linken incorrectly.
The mistake was picked up very quickly by a commenter to 365.

Here's the line 'In Print' from the Chronicle:

...At the Borough Council meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 10, Councilman Jonathan Linkin said the governing body is “highly encouraging” residents to package leaves in biodegradable bags.


  1. interesting: you state "democratic councilman Jonathan Linken..." Does that mean we have a republican councilman named Jonathan Linken?

  2. He's even cuter in person...

  3. too bad he's a democrat!!!!!!!!

  4. he should run for Mayor!!!

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