Oakland, USA

Oakland, New Jersey

Picture it: Oakland, New Jersey, 1872, home to factory workers and other blue-collar citizens. A small, but 'promising' neighborhood split amongst its too larger neighbors Westfield and Cranford. Over the next century Oakland and the growing community around it took on its own identity- and eventually consolidated with the Southside to form an industry friendly borough, complete with its own solid tax base.

Think you just live in Garwood's Northside? Despite the borough diminutive size you actually live in the cozy historical neighborhood of Oakland, as seen on this map of Union County. Stay tuned for more information about Oakland- a place that caught 365's attention in 2013.

Modern-Day Oakland

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  1. good catch! During the centennial and even in many discussions before and after on the history of Garwood, no one mentioned the suburb of Oakland that Garwood grew out of. Your further investigation hopefully will elicit more info and just why the name disappeared.