About 365

Garwood 365 launched on August 23, 2009, publishing its first article entitled Horror Show, a painful look at the decades-long abuse endured by a woman on the Northside at the hands of her mother. It was the first time Garwood was in the mainstream news for quite some time (Eyewitness News and others made the trip down for this one), but the next day they were gone. 

As for local coverage, in 2009, the staff at the venerable Westfield Leader and the Cranford Chronicle both included Garwood in their coverage area. But, alas, they were first and foremost beholden to readers in their respective towns. Garwood was often an afterthought. That's where Garwood 365 really found its niche.

This is Garwood's Original Community News and Neighborhood Blog!

Since 2009 Garwood 365 has strived to be a local resource for the community’s residents and visitors. 365 offers a relevant, active, current, fun, informative and positive look at an evolving town in the heart of Union County. Garwood 365 currently attracts well more than 3,000 page views every month.

Garwood is a terrific town with a good heart and bold personality, its merchants are hard-working and it residents are active, aware and engaged. 

Garwood 365 is pro-community, pro-business, non-partisan, and always trying to learn and grow.

365 in 2011!