Saturday, March 1, 2014

Patch Silence, Tow Cars Ahead of Snow & More from Garwood

This Week in Garwood there is some speculation that the local Clark-Garwood Patch has backed-off some its hyper-local efforts.
The near-daily Twitter account of the web-only news site has not been updated since January 28th. It's also been noted that the website has lacked local coverage in recent weeks, instead grabbing other state, and even national, headlines instead. The Clark-Garwood Patch launched in 2010.

Relentless snow has Councilman Nierstedt asking residents to weigh-in on the Borough's DPW. Got input? Think the borough should start towing vehicles from streets ahead of snowstorms? Just one of the many ideas floated.


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A Kinder Gentler Council Meeting? 
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  1. We discussed this with JR of the C-G patch back in early feb and sadly, the reorg of the patch network has relinquished news coverage of Garwood, and JR, has been released. The skeleton crew on patch now covers a large area and it looks like GW being small readership may be overlooked for the near future.