Sunday, October 4, 2009

Game Over: No Infrastructure Projects for Borough

A while back County officials were in the process of looking into whether certain roads that pass through Garwood may be getting federal stimulus funding-- the last hope of some sort of infrastructure improvements for the town. Well, the process is apparently over and the answer is no.

County officials have launched a (fancy) interactive map on the official Union County Website that shows what towns are getting 'Obama' dollars, and it confirms that Garwood is not getting infrastructure improvements.

Scroll down on this website and you'll find that the County was very defensive when 365 posted articles about the lack of infrastructure funding for borough (much needed projects like improving the train station, repairing the underpass on Center Street, new sidewalks, and more).

A County Spokesperson posted a comment on 365 that explained not only were the complaints unwarranted, the County expressed that the borough was getting its fair share.

You decide.

According to the County website Garwood is getting a countywide share for additional senior meals, rental assistance, youth financial literacy, mortgage counseling, skills training and workforce development. But, alas, no concrete, no steel, no orange cones, and no heavy machinery.

So the colorful cartoon bear with the shovel and hard hat (seen on the map) need not apply in this borough.

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