Saturday, March 8, 2014

Downtown Development Plans, Patch R.I.P. & More From Garwood

The Downtown commercial property that houses the Panda House Chinese Restaurant and other local establishments may be bulldozed over in the not-so-distant future, to be replaced by Pointe-like apartments and stores.

According to a report in the Westfield Leader there is still room for debate about the future of the South Avenue property.

God love the Leader, fly-by-nights like AOL's Clark-Garwood Patch may come and go, but the venerable broadsheet next door has been, and hopefully always will be, there for Garwood residents to get their news.

The defunct Clark-Garwood Patch Facebook page comments are starting to reflect the abrupt end of its local coverage.

Two recent posts:

"I guess you don't do Clark/Garwood stuff anymore?"

"Why all the non Clark-Garwood related stores lately?"

A 365 commenter posted that the editor of the Clark-Garwood Patch was released and now a skeleton crew covers a large area.

RIP Clark-Garwood Patch!

Same fate awaits Garwood Borough Facebook page?? Hasn't been updated in quite some time.


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  1. good possibility that it will remain mixed use but will not really look anything like the Pointe.