Monday, February 8, 2010

Poll: Is this a vital Town Landmark? Or a useless Borough Eyesore?

At the last council meeting the demolition of the Gazebo near the Little League ball fields was discussed.

Borough officials want to proceed with tearing it down, calling it an eyesore, while some see it as a town landmark.

Hey Garwood: What do you think? Vote today in our 365 Poll!

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Also check out the issue at the borough's original independent blog, news and opinion website the Garwood T.R.E.E.

Keep debating the issues!


  1. Tear it down! It's not a Garwood landmark.

  2. we live here and now, so we don't need any of that old useless stuff.

  3. Expand the Little League area, that makes more sense then fixing up a useless gazebo.

  4. Heritage structure? I love how BP tries to spin things. We've torn down stadiums just few years older than that ugly gazebo in our country.

  5. That gazebo was a gift to the town of Garwood from the Lions Club. Tear it down? Yes, that is so much easier than if it had been cared for and maintained in the first place.