Saturday, March 29, 2014

Mayor to Face GOP Primary Fight, Budget Season Continues & More from Garwood

Watch out! One-term Mayor Patricia Quattrochi is being challenged by a fellow Republican for the borough's top job. Salvatore Piarulli said the borough needs somebody to "grab hold of everybody and get things done" according to the Online Ballyhoo, the Garwood-Cranford centric off-shoot of the Westfield Leader.

Piaruli, in a letter to the editor published in the Cranford Chroncile called himself the "middle child of Italian immigrants...who thanks to hard work and determination ha(s) been extremely successful in the business world, launching programs and products that have generated revenues in excess of $700 million."

In the same Ballyhoo, details on the Garwood Borough Budget.

The Borough Police Department is advising residents and visitors on its website to be aware of two major events in April, the annual Easter Egg Hunt on April 5th and the Garwood Little League Opening Day Parade on April 12th. 

Also, the Garwood Public Library held its 5th annual kite making project, according to a post on Coming soon, Frank Sinatra!

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  1. kite making at the library? why isn't this part of the rec committee events? Whats the tie in with kites and the library? they both contain tales/tails?