Saturday, March 22, 2014

Mafioso Past, Local School Budget to Net Savings & More from Garwood

A food critic for rediscovered Garwood recently, reviewing the much-acclaimed, and borough success story, Loaded Burger. But, before lauding the establishment, he mentioned that the last time he reviewed a restaurant in Garwood, the place later turned out to be the focus of a $100,000-a-month mafioso-run gambling operation that was eventually busted by the feds.

The critic called Loaded a "charming little hole-in-the-wall joint" with "good- borderline great burgers"...More.

Garwood's preliminary school budget would see expenditures decrease about $8,000, according to a report in the venerable Westfield Leader.

Crunch Fitness in the Garwood Mall is getting decent reviews, the most recent one said it's "new and cheap," but most notably the reviewer gave a thumbs-up to its borough location: "right in the middle of Garwood so all the surrounding towns can easily and quickly make the commute!"

And, check out the town's Pacific Cousin, the Garwood Residence of Malibu. Must be nice.

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