Saturday, March 15, 2014

Budget Process Begins, TREE Provides Patch & More from Garwood

If this year's budget passes, Garwood residents will see a tax increase, but, according to borough officials it would be the smallest hike in 12 years. According to a report in the venerable Westfield Leader the budget would total $7.6 million. Of note, some modest savings have been attributed to lower utility costs associated with retrofitting the borough with energy-efficient lighting, the report says.

With Patch's retreat from Garwood complete and the Cranford Chronicle long ago skipping local meetings, the Garwood T.R.E.E. blog is heralding why it remains a relevant (albeit oft irreverent) asset to the borough. In a recent post the editor noted their were no reporters present (he refers to them as "newsies") at the 3/11 council meeting. He went on to type, " have to depend on TREE's selective commentary and the full actual proceedings as videotaped by PT." PT being the the new, citizen-run, Garwood Insight Channel on YouTube.

Wanna go dancing? The Friday Niter’s Dance Club has a new home at Starry Night Dance Studio on North Avenue. Liquid refreshments served, says an ad on their website.

Need to get to Manhattan on weekends, 1 seat will do the trick.

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