Friday, December 16, 2011

Garwood's Auto Pay Raise Vote Makes for Odd Bed Fellows

Republican vs. Republican, Democrat vs. Democrat. The issue of automatic pay increases has made for some odd alliances, and has pitted allies against one another. The issue is whether or not the borough's taxpayers should be on the hook for automatic raises for non-union employees who work for the municipal government. Tuesday's 4-2 vote nixes the bumps in pay, but Republican Mayor Patricia Quattrocchi has threatened a veto. That irked, and surprised, Republicans on the council who said they thought the Mayor was on board. Meanwhile, Democratic Councilmen Louis Petruzzelli and Keith Sluka sided with the Republicans on the council. Four police dispatchers and four borough office employees will take the financial hit if it ultimately passes, according to a report on the Clark-Garwood Patch. The next council meeting is scheduled for January 8th.

That brings us to our newest poll question: Hey Garwood: Should non-union borough employees be entitled to automatic raises?

Councilman Mathieu
Councilman Hak
Councilman Sluka
Councilman Petruzzelli 

Mayor Quattrocchi (non-voting)
Councilman DeFillipo
Councilwoman Todisco



  1. need some color changes to correct the political affiliation if that was what you are getting at. sluka is a blue and defillipo is a red. It was a more bi-partisan vote than you noted. The mayor is not a voting member unless its a tie, so she shouldnt be noted in that column...although if she kept her word she did not sign the ordinance.

  2. Thanks!! Colors have been corrected.