Monday, May 28, 2012

Garwood Reflects on the Sacrifices of America’s Military

Memorial Day 2012
Memorial Day is solemn occasion to honor all Americans who have died in wars. To that end, some in Garwood observe the day by visiting cemeteries and memorials. Like the rest of the country Garwood will mark a moment of remembrance at 3 pm. Also, for those who choose to fly an American flag, it is traditional and respectful to fly it at half-staff. 

Garwood does not have its own Memorial Day Parade, but residents are welcomed at the annual Cranford march. A fine place to remember America’s fallen soldiers is also at Garwood’s Purple Heart Monument at Mayor Georgiana Gurrieri Memorial Park. 

The Knights of Columbus also partake in Memorial Day services. Garwood is a civic-minded town all year round, but, Memorial Day is good one to exemplify that spirit.

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