Saturday, February 18, 2012

Italian Restaurant Undergoes Change in Garwood: Bensi's Out, Rudy's In

Bensi Restaurant, a chainlet throughout the Northeast, has closed-up shop in the borough and has been replaced by another Italian Restaurant- Rudy's. And while there are some changes to the new restaurant, the Chef appears to be the same man who was at the helm at Bensi. According to their Facebook Page Rudy's Ristorante and Pizzeria has been serving New Jersey for over 40 years. They go on to say, "our menu includes favorites such as crispy fried calamari, Rudy's special salad, chicken parmigiana, our famous meatballs, braciole over rigatoni, calzones and of course our pizza!" The new restaurant is located inside the Garwood Mall at 300 South Avenue. 

Before it closed, Bensi's Garwood lcoation was one of more than 20 in New Jersey. The restaurant claimed to offer an expansive Italian menu at reasonable, family-friendly prices. Bensi's also took part in local fundraisers and was a supported of various educational initiatives in the borough. 



  1. Taking part in local fundraising is a

    good way to help everyone out. Nice to hear

    some folk like Bensi's who takes a part in

    these kind of thing. I have tried restaurants

    in Norwich
    who also have family-friendly

    prices you might want to try out.