Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hey Garwood: What Would Jim Do?

One local neighborhood grocery store in Michigan is gaining national attention. The owner, Jim Hiller decided more than 8 months ago to impose a no cigarette ban on his store. The self-imposed ban was not prompted by the local municipality, county, or state. The owner Jim Hiller said he just decided that he would not sell the ‘cancer sticks.’

8 months later, he’s still in business, and has become quite popular.

For Jim Hiller of Michigan it was simple: he didn't want to be responsible for killing people, plain and simple.

Would that sort of self imposed ban work in Garwood? What grocery store has the courage to do that?


  1. This would never work! just go down the block and buy somewhere else1!

  2. If the store owner doesn't want to sell them ok, but cancer sticks shouldn't be banned. We have something called free will...while it lasts in this country.

  3. I agree! fee will! This would not work here.

  4. i meant free will...

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