Sunday, September 25, 2011

FBI Report: Borough of Garwood Sees Spike in Robberies

The FBI's annual crime tracking numbers have been released and one local statistic has seen an increase. According to the FBI's Uniformed Crime Report there were 5 robberies in Garwood in 2010, the highest number in at least 10 years. In 2009 there was only 1 robbery in the borough, and in 2008 there were none reported.

The number of burglaries in Garwood has also inched up. In 2010 there were 8 burglaries reported, up from 7 in 2009, and 6 in 2008. While burglaries were up, they are down from 2006 when the FBI reports there were 11 of them in town. 2010 burglary stats are also much lower than 2002 when 16 burglaries were reported.

Overall, crime is considered to be "low" in the borough, according to the FBI.

As for other noteworthy crime stats in 2010, the borough saw no murders, rapes, car thefts, or acts of arson, according to the 2010 FBI report.

2010: 5
2009: 1
2008: 0
2007: 1
2006: 1
2005: 1
2004: 2
2003: 0
2002: 0
2001: 1


  1. How would the citizens know about robberies in their neighborhood? The GPD refuses to allow citizens to view the police blotter, if they even keep one at all.

  2. The Clark-Garwood Patch reporter always puts this disclaimer on her blotter reports beneath all the info released by Clark...The Garwood police department does not provide a police blotter. Unacceptable. Blotter reports should be posted online at

  3. I'm sure everyone will be quick to blame the local pols, but such a uptick in crime can usually be found when the whole country's economy is in the toilet.