Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Too Costly?

Here at 365 we promote the town's active (albeit small) library often. But, recently on the Garwood Forum at nj.com the posters floated the idea of closing the library and merging with Cranford. They claimed the move would save money and keep the asset of a library close to town.

One poster said, "call me crazy but isn't this the easiest shared service possible...we can then save 1 School Administrator, 1 Librarian and all the Library Staff."

There was no push back from other posters, or any defense of the town library.

However, on this site, a reader blasted the fact that 365 even broached the topic of the poll Tuesday, posting "this is completely moot. There has to be a library per (state) mandate." The reader cited the fact that the library serves as both school library and town library.

Is the Garwood Library a waste of money (mandate, or no mandate)? Or is it an important part of the community?

Vote today!


  1. this is completely moot. there has to be a library per mandate, so already the sharing is between the boro and the school, it cannot be just between 2 towns. Scrap the poll please, it makes no sense and misleads the readers that there can be that possiblity when it is impossible. Plus there already is a program where library cards are a shared acceptance.

  2. Mandates are not handed down from upon high, nor, are they etched in stone. The question is IS IT A WASTE OF MONEY??? Not under the current system is it possible that it goes away. KEEP THE POLL BRUCE!

  3. Lets have a history lesson. The only way the BOE passed the referendum for the renovation and addition to the schools was by offering a new town library in the proposal. This made sense to many of the people and the seniors in town. This would not only be for the children in town but all the people.
    Now the library is a waste of tax dollars so is paying double by the BOE to send kids to high school.Fix that and you wouldn't have to charge tuition for Pre-K,gee everyone forgets this BOE screwup ,lets think before you close something that all the people in town can use, and if you don't use it its your loss.This charging rent to the library is also another way the BOE goes back on it word to the people of town trying to hide their mistakes, because they let the Teachers union push them around.
    Someone in the town blog said to take the library space and renovate it for Pre-K and Kindergarten. This renovation would cost in the hundred of thousnads dollars that even with eliminating administrators it would take years to break even, this would be another way the BOE could waste taxpayers money.
    Lets put this poll to rest because there is to many other things in this town that should be looked at before its closing a library where people who enjoy reading, learning and bettering themselves and enjoying informative programs can go.