Sunday, March 21, 2010

Garwoodians: Be Counted!

Make sure you, your neighbors, friends and family fill out the 2010 census. Washington DC and Trenton uses the information for the next decade for all sorts of critical functions.

The form consists of 10 questions and all information provided must be kept confidential under penalty of law.

In December, the Census Bureau will deliver the information to the president for apportionment of funding.

Garwood's population currently is estimated to be about 4,408 up from 2000. If that number stands and Garwood shows a net gain in population in the 2010 census it would be the first increase in total population since the 1960 census. Garwood has been shrinking in every decade since.

Garwood's population peaked in 1960 with 5,426 residents calling the borough home. 1990 saw the largest decrease in population when the town had a 11% drop in residents.

Population Growth in the Industrial Center?

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  1. 525 drop? what happened between 80 and 90? was that the baby boomers leaving garwood when they became adults?