Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Garwood's Sugar House

If you ask someone: "have you tried the Sugar House in Garwood?" Many people may look at you funny.

You then reply- "you know- it's that place on North Avenue just near the Cranford Border."

That will usually prompt the person to say: "You mean Aunt Val's?"

Far from Downtown, The Sugar House may have a low-key persona (probably the smallest sign in town, if not the entire county) but it's really a gem in the borough. Its cookies and cakes look like little works of art. The small cookies are delicious, the cup cakes are excellent, and the selection is very unique.

The shop is a good stop for a sweet dessert, but, it also offers up a great place to go to pick-up goodies for parties and gifts.

The Sugar House
18 North Avenue
Check out this listing at the Garwood Strip Mall

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