Wednesday, February 17, 2010

In Print: G'wood comes in 188th Place

NJ Monthly says Garwood is ranked the 188th best place to live in the state out of New Jersey's 500 plus municipalities.

In the last poll conducted by the magazine Garwood came in 173rd place.

Union County's top ranked town was Mountainside which came in 8th place.

Neighbor Westfield came in at 154th place, Cranford came in 34th place.

#1 in the state: Bedminster

The worst showing in Union County was Elizabeth- coming in at 563. Ouch.

Here's how they say they came up with the rankings: researchers at Monmouth University’s Polling Institute considered eight categories best representing the quality of life in New Jersey’s 566 municipalities: population growth, home values, property taxes, land development, employment, crime rate, school performance, and proximity to services.

Check it out: NJ Monthly

Union County List:

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  1. food for thought or is it all a coincidence: garwood is the demarcation between the republican towns and the democrat towns.