Monday, January 18, 2010

A Change to Garwood's Motto?

Change is Good?

There's talk in the neighborhood that the town's motto may be as endangered as New Jersey's remaining manufacturing outposts.

Currently the borough's seal brags the town is the 'Industrial Center of Union County.' But, maybe not for long.

The matter has been tabled for now.

But, what do you think? Does the town need a marketing makeover? Should the motto be changed?

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  1. If anybody new the history of the town of Garwood and understood how Garwood came to be, it would be a no brainer but to Keep It as It is and be proud of what the founding citizens of this town did. Be PROUD to be from the INDUSTRIAL CENTER OF UNION COUNTY. NO other town in the county can ever boast that.

  2. My greatgrandfather was a cabinetmaker for Aeolian and my grandfather drove a truck for Casale Industries. My family has very deep roots here in Garwood and being 4th generation I can't support a change in our Town's Seal or Motto.

    Stephen Napolitano

  3. Totally agree that our Town Seal or Motto should not change - I have lived here for about 30 years, having grew up in Cranford. During this time, our proud community has changed and this change has been good for our town, but we cannot forget our past.