Sunday, November 8, 2009

Garwood Granted Cash for Kids Rec

Union County's Freeholder Board has allocated 1.3 million dollars to the municipalities to be used toward various children's recreation projects and scholarships. And, according to information released by County officials, Garwood beat out every municipality for cash except Elizabeth and Hillside.

County officials say Garwood has netted $101,500 which will be used to purchase 'equipment' and a new athletic field complex.

Here's how the towns fared:

Big $$$ Winners Snap Shot:
Elizabeth: $150,000
Hillside: $131,170
Garwood: $101,500
Fanwood: $14,234 (lowest)

Full List:
Berkeley Heights: $60,000
Clark: $43,416
Cranford: $50,000
Elizabeth: $150,000
Fanwood: $14,234
Garwood: $101,500
Hillside: $131,170
Linden: $50,000
Mountainside: $49,350
New Providence: $60,000
Plainfield: $23,250
Rahway: $27,611
Roselle: $50,000
Roselle Park: $67,352
Scotch Plains: $64,250
Springfield: $25,000
Summit: $85,265
Union: $81,000
Westfield: $65,000


  1. sometimes it pays to keep pounding home the message to Union County that garwood's portion towards the county budget is $4 mill+ and we normally get bupkis in return. $3.9 mill to go for this year, and then it starts all over again, another $4 mill in the county budget.

  2. but a downside to many of these grants both from the county and the state is that they are matching type grants which means that in order to received our OWN money back, the taxpayers have to pony up more money direct by the boro property tax. How about that idiocy. It isn't the case of the $100k portion of the grant, but just may be the case of that $1,500 portion of the grant.

    The freeholders can easily say it doenst have to be matching. Wouldnt that be nice. And something the league of municipalities or just the muni's M&C getting together to convince the county that matching grants create additional tax burden.

  3. Why does it have to be matching??