Sunday, October 4, 2009

Setting the Mood

With Halloween in sight, the borough has installed its October-themed signage throughout Downtown.

Do you miss the kites yet?


  1. Post a comment under any article, chat with neighbors, and open up some dialogue about Garwood.

  2. Te kites of summer bing back the down home, little town flavor of our roots. But many of the banner series are becoming bleached out from the 7-8 years of weather exposure. The poor cardinals of winter arent red anymore. The Celebrations should discuss the replacement of the banner series and hopefully put it in their GCC portion of the boro budget for next year. Maybe the kite series can be replaced with bikes on a banner. Back then i believe each of the 5 series had 27 banners. Cost was about $3000/series. I wonder what happened to the 2003 celebration banners? They were going to be auctioned off as one suggestion.