Sunday, October 4, 2009

Meet T.O.D: Garwood’s Transit Oriented Development

Garwood has one gigantic asset: its rail station in the center of Downtown. And, with New Jersey becoming more overcrowded, transit towns are seen as the cure-all for taming over-development and the destructive congestion of the state’s roads. It’s those forces combined that are driving many younger families to towns on rail lines- like Garwood.

And to help continue that trend, according the borough’s master plan, borough officials plan on creating a transit oriented section of Downtown to redevelop an area currently used as industrial property.

The space is currently in the planning stages and would be a mixed-use site with both residential and commercial units (think Cranford Crossing-- seen in the artistic rendering above).

The new space will also include senior and affordable housing.

The main redevelopment lot is bound by the rail line, Center Street, South Avenue and West Street. A smaller, lot is also on the south side of South Avenue.

What would you like to see Downtown? What sort of stores? What would make for a stronger neighborhood and borough?

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  1. just a note maybe you should clarify before the readers become alarmed or misled in some way. That architectural rendering you put on the blog is a view of cranford crossing. You do mention cranford crossing in the paragraph below the rendering but not really infer that it is that shown. From your referral that developement is upcoming, readers may think that the rendering is on the books for the casale and parking lot site It is not.