Saturday, December 21, 2013

Garwood to Manhattan Off-Peak Train Service Coming in March

The first step toward full-time Garwood-Manhattan train service has finally been taken. NJ Transit will start offering direct service into Penn Station on the Raritan Valley Line in a pilot program beginning March 2nd.

The pilot will take place during off-peak times, according to a report on

Back in 2010 Garwood's hope for direct service from Center Street to Manhattan appeared all but dead after Gov. Chris Christie's decision to kill plans for a second rail tunnel to the city. It remains unclear if the current tunnel's capacity could handle extra trains during peak hours.

Much of Garwood's future development and growth hinges on the borough's relationship with its rail line. There are major plans to expand "transit oriented development" including mixed-use housing, new residential communities and expanded commerce. Garwood is a NJDOT-designated Transit Village and its Downtown is ripe for progress, according to transit experts.

Garwood's Mayor Patricia Quattrocchi and the Borough Council are all on-board with plans to make the town a transit hub. The Mayor has suggested that the one-seat rides would likely spur new construction in Garwood.

The fruits of the Borough's labor began to appear back in 2009 when NJ Transit added more train stops during rush hour. The new service came at a critical time when Borough Officials were aggressively courting NJ Transit.

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