Saturday, August 10, 2013

View: Garwood Mayor Should Reign in Lofty Rhetoric

The condo board at the ol' Pointe complex on North Avenue is getting a lot of press for its hosting of the "State of the Borough" address coming up in August.

And while the privately owned clubhouse at the Pointe is a fine location for a community meeting, it's no replacement to Borough Hall, the public seat of government in the borough.

Let's hope the Mayor reigns in this sort of rhetoric. Hopefully her honor can insist the board, and other groups, call events like these community forums or town halls, or Mayor-culpas. This will ensure that the actual State of the Borough address remains a notable moment each year, and not just one of many.

1 comment:

  1. agreed, the press release certainly overreached the purpose of the normal association meeting and usurped the term "state of the Boro address". This just a normal Q&A, the same that is done at the senior citizens club meeting once a month. Still, all in all its a worthwhile update to attend. Hopefully, free homemade cookies!