Saturday, November 3, 2012

Garwood Mayor Updates Residents

Storm Damage
From the Mayor's Desk: As Garwood is getting back on its feet there are still some issues we are dealing with as are other towns in the state.

Garwood was relatively spared as we were fortunate that our entire town was not without power as were some in Union County. Currently our residents without power are on Pine to Hickory Streets the power situation improves daily as service is restored.

The tree service arrived in the borough this afternoon and started to free the trees from the downed power lines. Though we are all tempted to offer our expertise in tree management we urge the residents to allow the trimmers to do their jobs without our supervision. They are the professionals and will get done sooner without our interference. Transformers and/or downed wires will be addressed as soon as possible as the substations had to be addressed first, than the hospitals, police and fire stations in the area and schools.

Residents are to be reminded that as the substations get reenergized wires that were dead will be live so stay away from downed wires. Saturday’s conference call with officials at PSE&G should provide an estimate regarding power restoration for the last few streets of the borough.

Borough Hall will continue to remain open for residents lacking power to recharge cell phones, laptops and other battery driven equipment as necessary or to just warm themselves.

Garwood’s Lincoln School is scheduled to resume on Monday, November 5th and to make up the days lost this past week classes are scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 8th and Friday, Nov. 9th which originally were scheduled to be closed for the now canceled teacher’s convention.

Voting will take place as originally scheduled on Tuesday, November 6th, as our regular polling places have electric power so no additional arrangements were necessary.  Residents are urged to exercise their right to vote in this important election.

The Governor has issued an executive order stating that starting Saturday, November 3rd thru the crisis only gas will be sold on an odd/even system.  Those with license plates ending with an odd number or those having no numbers will be able to purchase gas on odd numbered days only and those with even numbers will be able to purchase gas on even numbered days only. The system will help to alleviate long lines at gas stations as idling in line for an hour is equal to traveling 60 miles.

Residents are urged to continue to check on their neighbors who may be elderly or infirmed as the nights are quite cold and should contact our police dept. at 908-789-1500 if assistance is needed.

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