Monday, June 18, 2012

View: Garwood Says Goodbye to Garbage Dispute

It was eliminated in 2010, but like the stink of rotting waste, the elimination of the borough’s bulk garbage pickup program lingered for a long time. It took yet another council vote (a strikingly bipartisan one) to eliminate bulk garbage pickup again (hopefully, putting the time-consuming issue to bed once and for all).

The proposed opt-in program would have cost those who wanted to take-part an estimated $95. Councilmember Keith Sluka took a leadership role in the latest debate on the subject saying Garwood had gotten out of the bulk garbage pickup business and it should stay out. On the other hand, Mayor Patricia Quattrocchi was an outspoken supporter of re-instating some form of bulk garbage pickup, saying it was “the fair thing to do” according to a quote in the Westfield Leader. Regardless of what side of the issue you were on, it’s time to move-on to other issues.


  1. Since council decided to get out of the business, so be it. But, what would have
    happened if there was a full council? Why dont they bring it up again when the council is all in attendance and see what happens.
    With regard to other items of business, the last year and half has only been about employees or bulk. Lets get on to business and see if we can move in some sort of direction.

  2. Seems like all our council does now it bicker among themselves like 3rd graders. They are a waste of money and accomplish everything at a snails pace. How about getting this town on the right track and thinking of some revenue generating streams that advance our community in a positive way!!