Friday, October 12, 2012

D-Day (Oct. 25) Coming for Garwood Zoning Changes

Time to conform!
Time is ticking for Borough homeowners that still have not addressed the CO for their homes that do not comply with the town's zoning changes that took hold last year. Homeowners that do not act will have to pay about $400 in fees to receive a CO, according to a report in the Westfield Leader. Borough Clerk Christina Ariemma said at the last council meeting that homeowners have until Thursday, October 25, one year after the zone change occurred, to apply for a CO without incurring the $400 fee, the report says.

Residents who live in multi-family houses on lots zoned for single family use had a year to get a certificate of non-conformity to keep their status.

The borough is required to adopt a master plan every 10 years, and the 2009 plan formally adopted by ordinance on Oct. 25 of last year changed several of the borough's multi-family home zones into single-family home zones.

Legally, the borough has no obligation to individually notify residents of the change or the need for a multi-family certificate of occupancy if they don't presently have one, according to a report on the Clark-Garwood Patch.

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