Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mayor: Garwood Awaiting Final NJ Transit Village Study

"Slowly" seems to be an overused word around town. The newest process that seems to be moving at a snail's pace is NJ Transit's 'Transit Village Study'. The borough is still waiting on a final report from the agency, Mayor Patricia Quattrocchi said at the last council meeting, according to a recent published report.

The final study could potentially shape the future of Garwood for decades to come on multiple fronts including its viability as a commuter destination, potential for residential growth in the future, and even the direction of the town's commercial core in Downtown.

The designation as a Transit Village carries a hefty weight (and in the past state funding) in New Jersey in the eyes of the government and planning executives. If New Jersey Transit and the State Department of Transportation see Garwood as a viable transportation hub they will push that designation big time. And, if history repeats itself, like it has done in most other towns labelled Transit Villages, planning and zoning changes will make way for more walkable, "sustainable" centers, that almost always include large re-development projects.

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