Monday, October 1, 2012

Former Garwoodian Looking for 1960s Little League Pictures

Got photos?
A former Garwood resident is looking for a bit of his past, and that past may just be in a box somewhere in town. A Port Charlotte, Florida resident recently contacted 365 to see if anyone could help locate photos of himself playing for the VFW little league team in the 1960s, or posing for the team photo. He estimated he played in 1963/64 for the Accurate Bushing team. He finished his email by saying: In any event would you by chance know where I could get copies of those pictures? Both my Parents have passed away and somehow those pictures were never recovered. Any leads would be appreciated.
We did not include the man's name is this article, but if you have photos from that year feel free to contact 365 at

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  1. It would have been nice if the Garwood Little League had kept copies of team photos over the years. Opening day was always memorable. The parade, the mummers, hot dogs and soda and posing for the team pictures. I myself, would love to find a copy of the "Hut" circa 1965. Good luck in your quest.