Friday, February 25, 2011

Garwood's School District to See Increase in State Aid

After massive cuts in 2010-2011 Gov. Chris Christie's budget for 2011-2012 increases state aid for the borough. Under the budget plan Garwood would see $311,904 from Trenton, a $82,194 bump from last year, according to figures from the State Department of Education. The increase comes a year after Garwood lost 64% of its aid from the state. The borough received $229,710 for its 2010-2011 aid package, stats show. 

Garwood is not alone in its bump, Gov Christie's budget plan increases funding in districts across the state.

Even with the additional funding Garwood still is far from the $640,186 it was allocated in 2009-2010, former Gov. Jon Corzine's last school budget. Gov. Christie's budget ax prompted Garwood to shutter its Washington School and end its free pre-kindergarten program.   


2009-2010: $640,186

2010-2011: $229,710

2011-2012: $311,904


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