Thursday, January 6, 2011

Poll: Garwood Gives Thumbs-Up to its Dept. of Public Works

Garwood's Smiley Gives Thumbs Up!
The blizzard of 2010 may have knocked out towns like Westfield, Cranford, and even mighty New York City. But, Garwood's DPW fought back and may have been one of the few places that won its battle with mother nature. In an online poll 87% of readers said the DPW did a good job plowing the streets after the Christmas week storm.

Even the often critical crowd on the Garwood Forum at gave the DPW props. One poster said, "Garwood did an outstanding job compared to Westfield and Clark. Kudos for sure." 

And another offered up a more backhanded compliment, "I was going to complain about the crappy snow removal in Garwood. Glad I didn't, Cranford and Westfield are way worse and don't even mention Rahway. Kudos to Garwood Public Works."

Kudos indeed.


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