Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Garwood Fire Department Responded to Rahway Blaze

The borough's Bravest were called on Tuesday to respond to the large fire at an unfinished condo complex in Rahway. Officials estimate about 150 fire fighters battled the blaze. 

No injuries were reported.


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  1. i thought fire rated construction codes dictated that firewalls go all the way through the attic and roof between living spaces so the fire doesn't spread or is contained for 2 to 4 hours. By the looks of this fire rampant thru out the project, this looks like some major kind of code violation. Just think if people were living there. IMHO I have severe doubts based on the bad political/developer interactions and certain towns involved in NJ that these type projects are being built correctly. Even our MEWS had corners cut regarding code construction and the developer had to go back to rectify it while residents lived there. Yeah, maybe the uion county prosecutors office should get involved, LOL, good luck.

    The only other scenario for this could be that someone took accelerant and placed it in every room of the whole project and then lit it all, a major task that does not seem feasible.

    NJ's corrupted system continues to scares me.