Saturday, November 6, 2010

Garwood Residents Suddenly Have Options for News

It wasn't long ago that the Cranford Chronicle had a monolopy on the news and happenings of Garwood, New Jersey. The paper based in the east has a coverage area that includes Cranford, Kenilworth and Garwood. For now the Chronicle remains the paper of record for the borough, but the internet has provided the town with two newer, more timely options.

This site, Garwood 365, launched last year and provides near-daily updates about the Industrial Center of Union County. But, recently, yet another site has launched, this time at Clark-Garwood Patch. The Patch site promises to update residents on breaking news, community meetings, and local features.

But, again, Garwood doesn't have top billing...

Cranford Chronicle: Cranford, Kenilworth, and Garwood
Clark Patch: Clark and Garwood
Garwood 365: Just Garwood! 

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