Sunday, September 20, 2009

Poll: Direct Manhattan Service Good for Borough

In a poll conducted by Garwood 365 on whether direct train service between Garwood and Manhattan would be good for the borough-- voters overwhelmingly said YES. In the week-long poll 95% of voters said the service would be a plus for Garwood, while only 5% said no.

The (unscientific) vote comes as the Mayor and City Council work hard to get more trains and more service for Garwood-- including a new parking facility.

NJ Transit has yet to commit to any direct city-service for Garwood or other stations on the Raritan Valley Line, but, increasingly, local elected officials up and down the Newark-bound train route have begun to talk about it like it's inevitable.

The latest chatter came earlier this month when Westfield's Mayor told the New York Times in an article published on September 11th that direct train service on the Raritan Valley Line to Manhattan is coming, and coming in 2016.

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