Monday, July 12, 2010

In Print: Garwood Library to Host Animal 'Show- and-Tell'

Space is limited, so register soon.

GARWOOD — Snakes-N-Scales and Turtle Tales presents environmental education programs for people of all ages, with an emphasis on learning through enjoyment.
Their program of “Reptile River Rulers” will be presented at the Garwood Public Library on Monday, July 19, at 2 p.m. and is recommended for children 8 years old and up. This program takes the Pond Program to a larger extreme and brings Herpetologist Bill Boesenberg with some his of the most amazing and strange reptiles on Earth. Meet a Mata Mata, a turtle that looks like a rotting log; learn about shy gigantic Anacondas, the water boa; marvel at one of the only scaleless reptiles the soft-shelled turtle; and of course, “Blue,” their star 6-and-a-half foot American Alligator who will enthrall the audience with his gentleness … plus a few surprises.


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