Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Poll: Park Gazebo is an Eyesore

In a 365 poll 62% of readers said the Gazebo in Garwood Memorial Park is a eyesore, while only 37% said it was a landmark.

The Gazebo has been eyed by the Mayor and Council for razing to clear the way for a refurbished and expanded little league ball field.

45 readers voted on the poll.


  1. little too gleeful, little early and arrogant for the "bring in the bulldozers" chant by this website. You forgot to note this was an informal poll and people can vote more than once. Altough, I did not vote in this informal poll, i would like to see it stay. But whateve the outcome, it is what it is. Just don't rush the demise of a Lion's hand built structure which was purposefully built for the community use, dedicated to a fellow Lion and then nothing to replace it with.

    Its looking like they might as well bulldoze our community along with it since that is looking pretty tattered too with the volunteer parade, street fair, car show, chamber of commerce and GPTL day gone. GW365 was that your last words on this issue?

  2. oh yeah, toss in luminaries too. We once made the newspaper in 1981 as the town with the most holiday luminaries displayed. People were in awe driving around our liitle boro with the streets lined up and down, house after house with the luminaries lit. The nightime photo and article are still up on the corridor wall in boro hall. GW365 youre nearby boro hall, maybe you can copy and paste the luminary article here for posterity. It is what it is.