Friday, March 19, 2010

G'wood was Under the National Microscope in Televised 'Experiment'

Did you see this? It's getting a bunch of hits online.

ABC featured Garwood's Station Bar and Grill in an episode of What Would You Do? The hook: would a 'typical' 'neighborhood' 'sports-bar' in a 'run-of-the-mill' New Jersey suburb have the stomach to watch two gay men partake in public displays of affection?

Garwood is clearly portrayed as the 'every-man's' town, maybe a little 'rough around the edges.'

Take a look. Did Garwood come out looking like a tolerant American suburb, typical of a national trend? Or did it come across like a back-water that ABC 'ventured' out into for the day before scurrying back to the safe confines of 'real world' Manhattan?

The Garwood Forum at posted the link this month. The video is currently the top search result on You Tube when you try and find videos from Garwood, NJ.
Check it out on You Tube

How did Garwood do?


  1. Oh so typical - Garwood once again looks like a bunch of low-class idiots - now on national media! Notice some of the prime faces in the town? Nice, just plain nice! This is certainly not what we want our kids to grow up aspiring to, is it?

  2. we need to re-enact the 18th amendment real soon.

  3. What were they expecting? A lynching? People to clap and applaud? What a pointless exercise.