Monday, November 16, 2009

Garwood Makes Headlines (sometimes)

365 is launching a new feature called 'In Print.' The new posts will grab newsy nuggets, entire articles, honorably mentions and other interesting goodies from local newspapers. Which of course, will mean that the Cranford Chronicle will start popping up often on 365.

Just some housekeeping notes: the 'In Print' posts will always be italic and will include the day they appeared in the paper, website, etc. and will include the reporters name. Feel free to comment on the articles and open up discussion on how and why the borough has made its way into the pages of the local paper.

Just be sure that when the borough makes headlines- 365 will let you know!

Which brings us to our newest poll question:

Hey Garwood: Does the Cranford Chronicle cover the borough of Garwood sufficiently? Vote!

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