Saturday, October 19, 2013

Garwood First Aid Squad in Dire Position as Membership Dwindles

Want to be a local hero? The Garwood First Aid Squad is seeking reinforcements after its membership shrinks to just 6 active responders.

The Squad, which is headquartered on the Borough’s Northside across the street from the Lincoln School, had as many as 15 responders in recent times and at its peak between 20 and 30 members. Squad leadership released the sobering figures when it turned to the media earlier this month to get their message out. In a letter the Squad explains how desperate the organization is for qualified personnel to help swell its ranks. The Garwood First Aid Squad Membership Committee lays-out in the letter the commitment a volunteer must make to be part of the organization and the requirements to become a first responder.

The Garwood First Aid Squad, endearingly nicknamed the “the little squad that can” has been serving the Borough for 74 years offering emergency medical care; they can be reached 908-789-0300.

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