Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Census: Garwood's Southside is Choke-Full of Married Couples

Maybe it's the romantic setting near Unami Park that does the trick, or maybe it's living away from the hustle of Downtown Garwood.

Regardless, the Southside of town, particularly below Locust Avenue, is home to the most married couples in the borough, according to information provided by

Represented in the map above by the yellow shaded region, nearly 70% (67.9% to be exact) of households in the Southside, closest to the park, are home to married folks, the data shows.   

The other Southside-only census district also has a higher proportion of married couples than the rest of Garwood with 61.5% of residents reporting living in marital bliss...(at least on paper).

The Northside has far fewer married couples with 42.5% in the Northwest and just more than half in the historic Oakland section of town.  

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