Monday, August 26, 2013

Center Street Burger Joint Now Anchors Garwood Foodie Scene

Loaded Burger N BBQ has made a large splash since opening up on Center Street in Downtown.
And as of this week it remains the most loved establishment in town according to the Social Media and reviews website Yelp.

Reviewers on the site are notoriously fickle, but, for the time being nearly all Yelpers have given the place a thumbs-up.

In recent review Chloe C. of Garwood added: "Yum! The food here is so good." She also added: "The chefs obviously use a lot of high quality ingredients and put a lot of love into their food."

The Garwood reviewer remarked: "It would be great if they set up a few outdoor tables."

Eating al fresco in Downtown. We'll second that!

Another reviewer from Westfield noted: "One of the better burgers in the area, especially with the sauce and topping choices."

Check out the places's menu, it includes a wide range of burgers and waffle sandwiches!! Yes, waffle sandwiches. Wowser.

Loaded should be careful though, competition is on the way, and it wasn't too long ago that its failed predecessor at the Corner of South and Center, Don Alex, was garnering praise.

Yelp's top three in Garwood include two foodie joints.

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