Friday, August 23, 2013

Garwood's Original Community News and Neighborhod Blog is 4

Garwood 365 has been around for exactly 4 years! This site has posted hundreds of original articles and has pointed readers to hundreds more from our local online universe.

It's our hope that this site has at least been entertaining, and at best, informative. Our first post was on August 23, 2009.

As we move forward we pledge to be positive, community-oriented, current, accurate, and fun.

Thanks for stopping by over the past four years!

What we love since opening up shop:

  • The people of Garwood!
  • The merchants!
  • Al's!
  • The Garwood Bowling Alley!
  • Unami Park!
  • And the other ones too!
  • Garwood's T.R.E.E.
  • Mayor Q!
  • Mayor McCarthy too! 
  • Center Street's Smiley!
  • The Little League Field!
  • The Garwood Postcard!
  • Lincoln School!
  • The Purple Heart Memorial
  • Oakland!
  • Southside!
  • Downtown!
  • The train!
  • Garwood Knights of Columbus!
  • The Library!
  • Crossroads!
  • The Water Tower
  • Halloween Parade!
  • Easter Egg Hunt!
  • ALJ
  • Garwood's Motto: The Industrial Center of Union County!
  • Garwood-Clark Patch and Jessica Remo! ;)
  • 8th Grade Plays!
  • Roma Pizza!
  • Garwood Shop Rite!
  • The church community!
  • Casale!
  • Aeolian Factory!!
  • Memorial Gazebo!
  • Westfield and Cranford...and Clark too!

What we don't love since opening up shop:

  • Garwood Forum on damn negative!
  • Bulk Garbage Fight
  • Irene and Sandy Aftermath!
  • Political Fist Fights!
  • Not enough trains!
  • Missing Water Tower
  • Rec Center Fight!
  • Cranford Chronicle's Garwood Coverage circa late 2009!

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations are in order for you, Garwood365. You have come of age as a great news outlet covering all happenings in Garwood.

    We also recognize your constant efforts to advocate for the local merchants and read the ads of the various merchants on your site. On many occasions we, and everyone should, visit the stores to purchase their products and services. Local commerce is the lifeblood of our communities, we cannot forget that, and the proprietors are usually our neighbors.

    Good luck going forward into the next many, many years of informing the GW residents.