Monday, July 29, 2013

Garwood Pathmark Survives Another Round of Closings

Price-check on sigh-of-relief! South Avenue's Pathmark will remain open despite another round of closings by its parent company A&P.

A&P will close three underperforming SuperFresh stores in New Jersey early next year, the retailer told Super Market News, but, for now, Garwood's supermarket is safe. A&P filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in 2010.

Keeping Garwood's Pathmark open helps maintain the borough's supermarket supremacy in Central Union County.

Though, a 2012 365 poll found that Shop Rite is Garwood's Favorite Supermarket with 57% of the vote. Pathmark only got 9%. Of course, that poll was unscientific.

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