Saturday, June 1, 2013

Garwood Celebrates Golden Anniversary of its Underpass
Towns across New Jersey have a wide range of local landmarks, some much grander than others. But, Garwood's Underpass beneath the Raritan Valley Line tracks could probably qualifiy as one of the most humble of them all.
And while the 50 year old 4 lane divided link may seem like an odd choice to celebrate, no one can dispute that the critical passage (albeit prone to flooding) is a work horse for the borough bridging the North and South sides of towns, and making for a safer path to overcome the NJ Transit line.
The civil works project was taken on to alleviate the increase of train and traffic accidents at the existing grade crossing according to a full report in the Clark-Garwood patch. The event included the unveiling of a rock and commemorative plaque at the corner at North Avenue. Of the four sequential mayors who had overseen the design and construction of the underpass come to fruition, only one was still alive, Mayor George Casabona. He spoke at the event, a report on the Garwood T.R.E.E. explains. And local favorite, Al's Prime Meats, catered the food, the posting says.

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