Sunday, June 2, 2013

Can GOP Councilman Survive a Primary Challenge in Garwood?

Primary elections can come and go quietly without anyone noticing. That's not the case in Garwood's June 4th matchup between local Republicans.
The matchup pits Jim Mathieu, the hardline fiscal conservative, with his love-him-or-hate-him style, versus two Republican Committee approved candidates: Steven Blaufeder and Mike Martin. A political observer explained to the Westfield Leader that it is very unusual to have an incumbent who is not endorsed by the GOP. He said "we haven't seen this in a while" More.

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  1. Come out Tuesday and vote Column C for conservative policies. Help keep Garwood affordable, especially for the people who built our Boro and now struggle on fixed incomes under Garwood's crushing tax burden. Thanks so much for your coverage and good luck to Mike and Steve!