Sunday, October 28, 2012

Garwood Turns to Social Media for Emergency Updates on Sandy

First tweet ever!
Completely unable to use its borough website for emergency purposes Garwood officials have turned their focus ahead of Hurricane Sandy to what has become an old reliable across the globe: social media. Mayor Pat Quattrocchi made an emergency announcement at 2:56 pm on Saturday under her screen name patq4fh on the Garwood Forum at In her post entitled: Emergency Announcement from the Mayor's Office she offered comprehensive storm information.

In an attempt to reach residents the Garwood Police department also sent out its first tweet in history. The Garwood Police handle is: GarwoodPD. The Police are also updating their website with storm updates.

As you are aware we are facing a large and potentially dangerous storm that is expected to arrive Sunday afternoon. Our Police Department will be taking proactive measures to ensure that you are able to obtain up to the minute information and receive alerts during this weather event. Because of technical problems with the borough website and server, which prevents us from posting new information please access the police site at and receive alerts on your computer or smart phone on Twitter (GarwoodPD). A Twitter link can be found on the police home page as well. Also information about hurricane preparedness can be found at and smart phone users may also download the American Red Cross Hurricane App. Downed power lines should immediately be called in to the electric company or local police or fire dept. PSE&G at 1800-436-PSEG Garwood PD or FD 908-789-1500

Do not forget to secure items outside your home like patio furniture, flags, decorations, garbage cans and political lawn signs.

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  1. glad you captured the garwood police first tweet ever for posterity.