Monday, October 29, 2012

Garwood/ NJ Ready for Powerful Punch from Sandy

Historic Sandy
The Garwood Police Department is urging all residents to stay indoors. The police say they want the roads clear for first responders and DPW employees so they can do their jobs safely and efficiently. Borough offices and municipal court are closed.

The National Weather Service has predicted that “this storm will be like nothing any of us has experienced in our lifetimes.” This is a category ONE storm residents are advised to prepare their property for the worst scenarios, according to an update from the Garwood Police Department.  Landfall is expected to be at midnight Monday into Tuesday down in Atlantic County.

Garwood residents in need of emergency shelter should contact the Garwood Police who will handle the necessary arrangements for transportation etc. on an as needed basis when necessary, regional shelters have been designated, according to the Mayor's Office.

Storm related information regarding closings etc.:
Garwood Schools are closed on Monday, 10/29 and Tuesday 10/30
Arthur Johnson HS, is closed Monday, 10/29 and Tuesday 10/30 – sports activities are also canceled
Going forward Garbage Pickup is canceled; please bag leaves to keep the storm sewers running freely.

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